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Climate change: benchmarking. A daunting task everywhere

October 2009 - In Europe, a clinker benchmark is the appropriate and only workable solution when it comes to the cement industry (in relation to the benchmark for free allocation of CO2 allowances in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme [ETS]). In early November, this was confirmed by the publication of the ECOFYS report

CO2 reduction: sectoral approach, from dream to reality

March 2009 - For some three years, the cement industry has been working hard to build a sectoral approach to reduce its CO2 emissions worldwide. The CSI (the Cement Sustainability Initiative) is the pioneer in that respect and its leadership is being followed by a broader constituency of regional cement associations including CEMBUREAU in Europe.

ETS: ECOFYS recommends clinker benchmark in cement industry

September 2009 - On 10 September 2009 ECOFYS, the consultant appointed by the European Commission to study benchmarks for the purpose of allocating free allowances, recommended the adoption, in the cement industry, of the EU-wide clinker benchmark supported by CEMBUREAU. Looking at the possibility to benchmark clinker or cement, ECOFYS opted for the first solution mainly on the ground of workability.

ETS - The best acheivable compromise: a formidable challenge ahead

January 2009 - The Political Agreement reached in December 2008 on the energy and climate change package, all in first reading, was a real “tour de force” of the French Presidency. Regarding the ETS, much of the credit must also be given to Avril Doyle’s work as Rapporteur (EPP-IRL) in the European Parliament on this part of the package.

EU-ETS: Work in progress paves the way for key decisions

August 2009 - The summer recess in Brussels typically shows a contrast between a very busy month of July, when the European Commission clean their desks, and a sleepy August when most Eurocrats enjoy a well deserved rest.

European cement industry recognised as vulnerable to carbon leakage

April 2009 - On 29 April the European Commission publicly confirmed that the European cement industry qualifies as a sector vulnerable to carbon leakage under the criteria laid down in the revised Emission Trading Directive. The list publicised by the Commission is based on a quantitative assessment carried out by DG ENTR which looked at 231 sectors - not only ETS sectors - at NACE 4 level.

How construction can help refloat the EU's economy

May 2009 - Ever since the impact of the economic crisis began to be felt in Europe at the end of 2008, CEMBUREAU has been vocal in calling upon the European Institutions to stimulate investments in the construction sector as a tool to refloat Europe’s economy. In February 2009, that message was pressed upon President Barroso as, it was stressed, this would not only assist the EU’s economy in the short term, but also improve the EU’s infrastructure and competitiveness in the longer term.

REACH & cement - the last touch?

June 2009 - Long after the deadline for pre-registration has passed and, therefore, too late to ensure legal certainty, a first draft of the guidelines for the application of Annex V of REACH has eventually been produced by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). It will now have to be approved by CARACAL (Competent Authorities for REACH and CLP) and will then be officially published by ECHA.

The economic crisis: do not add the extra burden that might break industry's back

February 2009 - This was, in a nutshell, the message delivered by the Alliance for a Competitive European Industry (ACEI) to President Barroso on 25 February 2009. The participants, representing key sectors of the manufacturing industry, including CEMBUREAU, brought their active support to a number of initiatives at EU level to mitigate the impact of the economic crisis, such as continuing to invest in and modernise Europe’s infrastructure for the future (Communication from the Commission to the European Council: a European Economic Recovery Plan - COM(2008) 800 final).

The European cement industry is vulnerable to carbon leakage - the decision & beyond

November 2009 - For nearly two years the European cement industry has battled to be recognised as vulnerable to carbon leakage in the context of the EU ETS. This is now officially the case after the decision made in the European Parliament Environmental Committee on 4 November (this decision is final as far as the European Parliament is concerned) and the adoption by the Council on 30 November 2009.